1. Collection: CICLO DE FUEGO (Cycle of Fire)

Statement: It was my first holiday sales event; La Hoguera de San Juan. Scores of people packed the street in Leon, Spain for the annual holiday, a celebration of fire and light on the night of the summer equinox. All over Spain–and indeed, in countries all over the world–enormous bonfires burn through the night, based on an ancient belief that this gives power to the sun in its coming struggle against the inevitable winter. The fires are also believed to purify those who contemplate it, and worries, wishes, and other such sentiments are cast into the fire on small pieces of paper, thus liberating participants of their burden.

The pieces in this collection honor this “cycle of fire”. The world we live in revolves around constant cycles of dark and light, warm and cold, rain and sun. So too do we experience cycles in our personal lives: periods of work and play; of deep soul searching and joyous exuberance. It is imperative to be open to the regeneration happening within and around us, taking in to account that some parts need to be “burned” in order for others to grow anew.

Materials and Process: All pieces are made by hand and worked using traditional wirewrapping, silversmithing and jewelery fabrication techniques. Materials include stainless steel bicycle spokes, bicycle chain links. Most pieces incorporate semi-precious gemstones, many of which are sustainably mined in the USA, and some of which I form and polish by hand. All sterling silver comes from Harmony Metals and is 100% recycled. All rings are made with thick gauge material and can be stretched to one full size larger. All ear-wires are hypoallergenic.