Custom Jewelry: A Union of the Minds


My passion for custom jewelry comes from a desire to work closely with people to achieve and ideally, exceed, a vision that exists only in their mind. Once a design has been made, my opinion no longer matters and my sole mission is to bring your vision to life. As I immerse myself in a custom project, I find myself becoming engrossed in the dream of my client: What exactly does he or she envision? I visualize each piece intensely before and during its creation. For days and sometimes months, I turn a piece over and over in my mind until every minute detail is crystal clear. As the project commences, I obsess over every detail: every form must be symmetrical, every solder seam must be tight, every stone must be set correctly, engraving and finish must be flawless. My driving force is the deep desire to create stunning, heirloom quality pieces that honor the noble crafts of goldsmithing and stone cutting while simultaneously becoming an essential and beloved talisman for its wearer.