Statement: We live in an time of constant acceleration and change. Technology is transforming everything from the way we interact to the way we live and work. In this age of transition and rapid evolution we have an ever increasing need for connection with the infinite. More and more we find ourselves searching for deeper connections with ourselves and the world we live in; we seek the infinite as a grounding point in our rapidly evolving reality.

Now more than ever, we treasure simplicity and timelessness. The rhythmic simplicity of the bicycle reconnects us to the times when messages were delivered by the mailman and just the wind blowing your hair was enough to inspire unbridled happiness in every inch of your being!

Materials and Process: All pieces are made by hand and worked under a flame. Materials include stainless steel bicycle spokes, semi-precious gemstones, and various metal wire. All rings are adjustable and all ear-wires are hypoallergenic. By nature of stainless steel, all pieces are non-marking and non-tarnishing.

Ciclo De Fuego (Cycle of Fire)

Statement: It was my first holiday sales event; La Hoguera de San Juan. Scores of people packed the street in Leon, Spain for the annual holiday, a celebration of fire and light on the night of the summer equinox. All over Spain–and indeed, in countries all over the world–enormous bonfires burn through the night, based on an ancient belief that this gives power to the sun in its coming struggle against the inevitable winter. The fires are also believed to purify those who contemplate it, and worries, wishes, and other such sentiments are cast into the fire on small pieces of paper, thus liberating participants of their burden.

The pieces in this collection honor this “cycle of fire”; the world we live in revolves around constant cycles of dark and light, warm and cold, rain and sun. So too do we experience cycles in our personal lives: periods of work and play; of deep soul searching and joyous exuberance. It is imperative to be open to the regeneration happening within and around us, taking in to account that some parts need to be “burned” in order for others to grow anew.


Get Punk With It! means it’s time to break out,
Get Punk With It! means it’s time to take out,
That charge that’s in charge of pollutin’ yo mind
Let go, don’t you know, the past is behind.

Statement: Anarchism in Spain has historically gained more support and influence than anywhere else, especially before Francisco Franco’s victory in the Spanish Civil War of 1936–39. While they were not ultimately successful with their uprising, these early anarchists planted a seed that remains important to this day, particularly to anarchists who look at their achievements as a historical precedent of anarchism’s validity.

Small anarchist groups still dot Spanish cities and countrysides, as they do in many parts of the world. They occupy vacant buildings, warehouses, abandoned farms and long lost homesteads. They believe in creating, community and art above the violence and social oppression of their country’s politics. They work tirelessly to create spaces of social interaction, cultural exchange, and abundance. They make do with what they have, and rely scavenging missions for their food, infrastructure, and other necessities.

Most of all, they reject the idea that jobs happen from 9 to 5, debt is inevitable, and authority is necessary.

Their style is unmistakable; mandated by the necessity of camouflage while on nightly missions, defense against the local riot police, and a desire to contrast the incessant consumerism of urban fashion.

This collection seeks to inspire the punk within; the inner voice that will not stop questioning norms, that impulse pushing us to go against the grain; whether it be with a style choice or a lifestyle decision.

The use of a computer-aided die-cut machine launches this collection into the futuristic cyber age while combining age-old artisan techniques of the past with present sustainable consciousness.

Materials and Process: All pieces are made by hand and with the aide of a computer-aided die cut machine. Bicycle inner-tubes, tires, various metals, semi-precious gemstones, and bark-tanned leather (an Old World tanning process notable for the absence of chromium, a heavy metal, in the tanning