Bici.Arte. is a celebration of the bicycle and its legacy of sustainability and freedom. In my works, used bicycle parts combine with precious metals, gemstones and minerals. I use traditional metalsmithing techniques such as fabrication, filigree, hand engraving and stone setting to create my works. My designs display the influence of mentors from Spain, Mexico, Uruguay, and the Pacific Northwest, USA. These designs, combined with my experiences on the bicycle, create accessories and fine jewelry that spark interest and engagement with permaculture, movement, and exploration. My fascination for the intricate precision of bicycle parts and kinetic movement inspires my designs, which reflect this experience in my use of wire, moving parts and flowing form.
Each piece starts as an original hand drawn design. Once design components and gemstones have been determined, each piece of a composition is carefully crafted by hand. I create my own gold alloys to match the gemstones and artistic vision of the piece. Next, all design components are assembled and joined through soldering and cold connection techniques. No CAD, 3D printing, or Laser welding is used in any of my works. Finally, each piece is finished by setting the gemstones, hand engraving and polishing.

Our bicycle parts are recycled from community and retail bike shops up and down the West Coast, USA. All of our precious metals come from 100% recycled sources such as Rio Grande, Harmony Metals, and used coins. Our gemstones are sourced through small scale, primarily USA based artisan gem cutters and dealers. Please feel free to ask us more questions about our sourcing as we evolve towards 100% supply chain transparency.